Vancouver – A Few Of My Favorite Things

False Creek Vancouver

As I get ready to say goodbye to my home of Vancouver, Canada for a year I thought I would share a few of my favorite places. I’m working on an in depth guide to Vancouver which will be released later this year but I couldn’t resist giving a sneak peak. This is only a small fraction of what Vancouver has to offer so stay tuned for more.

Just the fact that Vancouver is surrounded by water and boasts a backdrop of snow capped mountains make it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. So it’s no surprise that my absolute favorite thing about Vancouver is the scenic skyline.

Below is a view of  downtown as seen from the seawall near Granville Island.

View of downtown Vancouver from the seawall near Granville Island


Here’s another view of downtown Vancouver from a boat in False Creek.


Here’s a different angle. This view is from the seawall in Stanley Park.

view of downtown is taken from the seawall in Stanley Park

Speaking of Stanley Park, here is the view from Prospect Point. Stanley Park is one of my first memories of Vancouver when I moved there as a child from the UK.

Stanley Park Vancouver

My favorite way to see Stanley Park is by bicycle. There are several places to rent bikes close enough to the park that you don’t even need to drive on the main roads. Once you’re in the park there is a seawall that you can walk or bike all the way around the park. It makes for a perfect afternoon almost any time of year.

Stanley Park Vancouver

One of the most famous sights in Stanley Park are the Totem Poles.

Stanley Park Vancouver

Another great way to see the park is by horse & carriage. Tours are available almost year round.

Stanley Park Vancouver

There are plenty of peaceful, cool, green spots to escape the busy city in Stanley Park.

Stanley Park Vancouver


The Lions Gate Bridge goes from Stanley Park to the Northshore of Vancouver. It was nicknamed for the mountains that can be viewed when crossing the bridge that look like two lions.

Lions Gate Bridge Vancouver


Vancouver has plenty of parks and beaches to enjoy. Whether you want a quite spot to relax or a lively place to play beach volleyball or people watch there is something to suit everyone.

Beaches in Vancouver


Kitsalano (Kits to locals) Beach is one of the most popular beaches for the young and beautiful crowd. It’s a great place to people watch.

Kits beach Vancouver


If sand isn’t your thing there’s always grassy areas at every beach.



 Granville Island is another favorite of mine and is just as popular with locals as it is with visitors.

Granville Island Vancouver


My favorite way to get to Granville Island from downtown is by boat. In fact I used to commute to work on the island using this mode of transportation. It was an inspiring way to start my day!

Aquabus Vancouver


Granville Island is full of great restaurants, boutiques and artist studios but my favorite thing is the market.

Granville Island


The array of fresh produce and flowers alone are worth a visit.

Granville Island Vancouver


Yes I actually came to this market daily for lunch!

Granville Island Vancouver


A view of part of the island from the water taxi.

Granville Ilsand


When I was in Vancouver I was very fortunate to live in my favorite part of Vancouver…Yaletown.

Yaletown Vancouver


Yaletown is a fairly newly developed area so it doesn’t have the character of older cities but it has a stunning natural backdrop and some interesting contemporary architecture.



Part of my commute to work on Granville Island was walking down the Yaletown dock to hop on the water taxi.

Yaletown Vancouver


Yaletown was a warehouse district until about twenty years ago. Now it is one of the trendiest neighborhood in Vancouver and is overflowing with some of the best restaurants and boutiques the city. Wow all of this reminiscing is making me a little homesick so I think I’ll stop here for now.

Yaletown Vancouver


As I said before this is just a taste of my favorite things so I hope you’ll check back for the full picture of Vancouver…a city of great natural beauty, world class cuisine plus enough shopping and nightlife options to keep any urban lover more than busy and happy. I should know, it was my home for fifteen years!


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