How We Plan To Fund Our Travel Life In 2014

Wow it’s almost 2014 and we are pumped for a year of travel, challenges, learning, exploration, hard work, inspiration and of course fun!!!

Cheers to 2014
Cheers to 2014


Two years ago we started talking about taking a huge step and drastically changing our lives. One year ago we started to put together a plan to really make it happen. And four months ago we quit our jobs, sold everything we owned and set off on a new life adventure. You can read the whole story of The Plan here.

Since the day we announced our radical intentions people have been asking how we plan to fund our Live, Dream, Discover travel life. It’s not an easy question to answer because the truth is we’re still working on that. As of right now our work is quite diverse and is funding only a small portion of our living expenses. The balance is coming from the money we saved for this new life along with the sale of all of our worldly goods. This is no surprise to us however; we knew that it would take at least two to three years or more to build up our various businesses to a point where we are earning enough to cover all of our living and traveling costs. We considered staying the path at home for another year and not setting out until we were generating more mobile income but after two years of planning we were more than ready to get started. Plus by working full time for someone else we were not able to devote enough time to ramping up our own businesses. Believe me doing so takes full time work…if there is any doubt take a look at a sample of our weekly schedule below.

Weekly Schedule
Time Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun




Emails Emails Photography Emails Emails Emails  


Workout Workout Photography Workout Workout Workout  


    Breakfast       Emails


Breakfast Breakfast Emails Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast


HS search HS search Workout HS search HS search HS search HS search


TBC’s TBC’s   TBC’s TBC’s TBC’s TBC’s


Work on Work on HS search Work on Work on Day Free


LDD & LDD & TBC’s LDD & LDD & Trip! Day


Fitness Fitness Work on Fitness Fitness   at


Sites Sites LDD & Sites Sites   Beach,


Lunch Lunch Fitness Lunch Lunch   Pool,


Break Break Sites SPCA Break   Hike


Soc Med Spanish Lunch Time! Soc Med   etc.


SEO Class Break   SEO    


Courses, Market Soc Med   Courses    


Research Day SEO   Research    


and   Courses Work, and    


Writing Work, Research Courses, Writing    


  Courses, and Research Study    


  Research Writing and Spanish    


Study and Study Writing      


Spanish Writing Spanish Study      


Magic   Cheap Spanish      


Hour Laundry Movie      


Photog.   Date South   Malecon


  Night Side   Stroll


    Shuffle   and




            in Square
Legend Work
HS Search = Housesitting search
TBC’s = Travel Blogs Comments  

As you can see from this chart we are putting at least 40 hours per week into our plan to increase our income and further fund our travel life. Of course we still make sure we have time for some fun and exploration! Now obviously this schedule is perfectly doable while we are living in one place for a period of time but it will certainly be more challenging during the times that we are traveling. When we were on the road for the month of October we would do as much as possible offline while we were mobile and would then need to find Wi-Fi every night in order to post, download and email etc. Luckily most of the world is hooked up these days so it’s rare to go long without a connection.

Now back to the question of how we plan to fund our life (outside of our savings). As I said we are still working on that so it’s really not a simple answer. And judging by some of our inspirations who have set out on similar journeys it will likely never be a simple answer as this lifestyle is always morphing. To live this life you really have to be able to go with the flow, be creative and always on the lookout for new ideas but be ready to change direction when those ideas aren’t working. You also have to be tenacious yet somewhat flaky…yes that is an oxymoron I believe. Luckily I’m a Gemini and Nathan is one of the most easy going people you could ever meet. Plus we both have a ridiculous amount of extremely varied experience and interests and an aversion to labeling exactly how we want our life to play out.

Working while watching the Seahawks game


For all of those reasons we have a bit of a mishmash of potential income generators. I will go into more detail of how we earn in future posts as things become more defined but for now here’s a list of some of the things we do (or plan to do) to get by:


  • House sitting: This does not pay an income but it does allow you to have a home base for a period of time without paying rent. It’s also a wonderful way to get to know a place and its people and it also feels great to give someone peace of mind by caring for their home and pets. There are several sites that you can join to search for housesitting but the ones we use are Trusted Housesitters, Housecarers and Mind My House.
  • Personal Training: We both have a background in fitness. Nathan runs a fitness blog plus has an online personal training business. I am a trained Pilates instructor and have almost completed my personal trainer certification. At some point down the road we may also be able to work with clients when we are staying somewhere longer term.
  • Travel Blogging: Our Live, Dream, Discover blog initially started as a way for friends and family to follow our travels but as we build content and followers we will be looking at ways to generate some revenue. This is still a work in progress and we have a long way to go but there is potential if we are able to offer value to people.
  • Travel Writing and Photography: This is something that we really love doing and hope to hone our skills to a point where we can pick up some freelance work. There is not a lot of money in this and it is highly competitive but it is a way to supplement our income by doing something we love. There can also be perks to travel writing which can help fund the travel itself.
  • Portrait Photography: Nathan is a professional portrait and wedding photographer. We haven’t jumped fully into this idea yet but we plan to eventually work on providing this service as we travel.
  • Travel Planning: I have some background in the travel industry and also in event planning so I’m looking into ways to use these skills to earn as I travel.
  • Teaching English: I am currently taking a TESOL course in the hopes that it may come in handy in the future if we stay in one place for a while.
  • Copywriting and Online Research: I have taken some writing courses which may help me. There are sites such as Elance that will advertise for freelance writers etc. Again it doesn’t pay much but it is a way to bring in a small supplementary income.
  • We are also taking some online courses in SEO, web development, Social Media Marketing and Spanish language. For now these are just ways for us to improve our knowledge and skills which we can put to use on our current websites. Eventually though we may be able to pick up some freelance work.


See I told you there wasn’t a quick and easy answer! As 2014 progresses we hope to get a clearer picture of where our skills can be best used to help us to continue on this journey. All we can say for certain right now is that we have no regrets at taking this leap and wherever it leads us we will always be grateful for the chance to

Live, Dream and Discover!!