Dreams, visions, goals, desires, without these things life would be unbearable!

Dreaming gives us hope and purpose and a reason to get up every morning. If it wasn’t for our ability to imagine a better way we would still be living in caves and grunting at each other. We wouldn’t have planes and boats to discover the world. We wouldn’t be saving lives with modern medicine. And I certainly wouldn’t be talking to you through the World Wide Web about inspirational stories! If you want read about how we followed our dreams click here.

We know the world is far from perfect and some would say that dreaming won’t change that but we disagree. If we stop dreaming we stop growing, and if we stop growing we stop living. Having hopes and goals won’t make life perfect but it will make it more beautiful and more interesting. Our Dream Big section is divided in two. Inspiration is full of stories, experiences and ideas that have inspired us in some way and we hope they may do the same for you. Below is our “Dream List” which is made up of some things we’ve checked off our ever-growing bucket list. Maybe you’ll find some to add to yours?

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt